Zombies In Miami

Hot on the heels of their recent EPs on Roam, Correspondant and Futureboogie, Zombies In Miami maintain the disco heat with their debut on Mike Simonetti’s 2MR. Three tracks and one remix deep, the entire release is a full trip to the senses… 

‘Take It Off’ leads by example: strident, uplifting and dynamically arranged so a whole new level of feels is unleashed when you least expect it, there’s a real timeless energy and focus coded deep into every element. ‘New Odisea’ takes more of a cosmic approach with its slinking bassline and soaring, yearning chords that weave and wave above it. Buckle up; even the slightest variations and percussive additions are so well placed, they create an almighty rush every single time. Finally ‘Where Is The Voice Of That Man On Acid’ attempts to ask the question we’ve all been asking for years. Fittingly psychedelic, layered and circuitous, its springy riff persistently tickling under waves of evocative atmospheres and it comes complete with a sublime, sub-loaded rolling technoid trip-fest from Honey Soundsystem’s Jackie House.

The duo describe the EP as “the result of hours of jamming, trying to imagine and recreate the loudest most energetic and sweaty dancefloor tracks that we could play in Mexico, Europe and all over the world no matter the borders.” We’d describe that as mission accomplished.

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