September 5, 2019

TWINS Share First Single Off Upcoming LP, ‘New Cold Dream’

TWINS Share First Single Off Upcoming LP, ‘New Cold Dream’

Atlanta Post-Wave producer TWINS (Matt Weiner) has this week dropped ‘Lie Awake’, the first entrancing single off ‘New Cold Dream’, to be released on 2MR October 25th.

When discussing the release “Lie Awake”,  Weiner refers to it as a “song about all the thoughts that haunt me in the middle of the night as I toss and turn in a desperate attempt to get back to sleep for a brief respite from my inner voices which never seem to shut up.”

‘Immersive Atlanta’ captured this poetically in their review, recognizing that “though he channels the weight of a wakeful night with frightening accuracy, Weiner sings with a slight sneer rather than complete surrender. This combative sound weaves a strangely comforting thread throughout the song.”

‘New Cold Dream’ will be his first full length release of the year, following on from 2018’s brilliantly haunting ‘That Which Is Not Said’. Pre-orders are available here.