June 4, 2019

The Unbridled Joy of Kedr Livanskiy’s ‘Your Need’

The Unbridled Joy of Kedr Livanskiy’s ‘Your Need’

In a recent review, The 405 have spoken in glowing appraisal of Kedr’s latest LP ‘Your Need’.

“‘LED’ is the record’s closest approximation to pop, vaunting a Chromatics-redolent synth underpinned by a straightforwardly satisfying drumbeat, rendered stunningly by Livanskiy’s overlapping vocal tones. It’s really quite beautiful. Then there’s the closing rave ecstasy of ‘Ivan Kupala’, with rambunctious snares and mellifluous synthlines – it can’t be overstated how pretty this album is – accelerating towards a climax which never comes, pregnant with unbridled, air-punching, mate-hugging joy.”

The album has received resounding critical acclaim. You can listen to it through all streaming platforms, just follow this link.

You can read the review here. 

And you can purchase ‘Your Need’ from us here.