May 17, 2019

2MR-035 – Saine & Smith – Dirty Games

2MR-035 – Saine & Smith – Dirty Games

Saine & Smith – Dirty Games

Hailing from Stockholm’s fertile electronic music scene, Saine & Smith – aka Jaja Saine and Leo Smith – are a duo exploring diasporic strands of leftfield dance music. Their second release – the Dirty Games EP – is a diverse package of soul-tinged house employing a range of styles into one cohesive sound.

Across six tracks, the duo meander through jazzy chords, infectious basslines and swung percussion with a subtle hint of dub. At once hedonistic and reflective, their constructions brandish a careful blend of dancefloor function and cerebral stimulation.

From the glistening melody and chugging percussion of the title track to the deep, hazy chords of ‘Rasta 116’ via the high energy angular structures of ‘Moon Monsters’, the Dirty Games EP offers a truly broad spectrum of ideas presented in fully fledged, radiant colour.