June 15, 2018

2MR-036 Nark – Empty Void EP

2MR-036 Nark – Empty Void EP

Nark Empty Void EP

2MR welcomes a genuine techno tour de force: Seattle’s Nark.

As the man behind some of the city’s most progressive, inclusive and famously fizzy parties such as Dickslap, his selector and party host stripes precede him. His productions will do soon, too. Here’s your proof… A debut eight track behemoth entitled ‘Empty Void’

Four originals, four remixes, Nark reveals his full spectrum right here: from the spatial oddity and calming trippiness of the title track to the alien swamp creatures of ‘Sunrise Climb’ via the poisonous 303 of ‘Acid Night Cap’ and the zoning tubular hypnotiser ‘Carl’s K Hole’, this is the sound of a man who doesn’t just understand dancefloors through years of playing to them… But knows how to push them to the edge and bring them back from the brink, too.

Naturally the remixes are equally forthright and boundary-blurring. Ex-Azari & III’s Ali X and his partner in technoid crime Ximena twist up ‘Empty Void’ into a broken beat rattler, Portland provocateur The Prey has us writhing amid the Roland muck on ‘Acid Night Cap’ while Octo Octa has us all gliding with her precision percussive twist to ‘Sunrise Climb’. Finally the label bossman Simonetti gets involved in the action with a cosmically minded take on ‘Carl’s K-Hole’, bringing Sagan’s sample to outer-planetary new levels.

Welcome to the void… There’s no turning back now.