April 11, 2018

2MR-021 – Saine & Smith – Laughing Kids 12″

2MR-021 – Saine & Smith – Laughing Kids 12″

Saine & Smith – Laughing Kids 12″

Saine & Smith consists of Jaja Saine and Leo Smith. Two talented DJs/producers from Stockholm. Both are diaspora kids – Jaja Saine’s background is in West Africa and Leo’s in Barbados. So their debut release is a kind of heritage reflection, with twisted elements of decadent Scandinavian dance music, which echoes generally in their sound. 

A. Lord Vanlig – Inspired from Afro-Caribbean traditional folk music from the 60s. A melodramatic blend of cheer and sorrow. With capturing and repetitive drums combined with a compact kick and sweet overlay of melodious keys and child laughter.

B. Sir Viktig  – A deep house banger with haunting ghost like pads, catchy Afrobeat samples and vocal snippets.