April 11, 2018

2MR-020 – Bulkhead – Lunch Truck EP

2MR-020 – Bulkhead – Lunch Truck EP

Bulkhead – Lunch Truck EP

Recorded during the coldest winter on record in Toronto, Bulkhead unveils their debut 12″ via our humble imprint. Comprised of live takes assembled into crude arrangements, the Lunch Truck EP features the collision of artists Patrik Benjamin and Pop District to deliver hard-edged, machine-based dance music.

A longer version of the record was released on cassette and quickly sold out by our friends in LA, Far Away, in 2016. This EP represents what we feel were the strongest moments from that cassette and constitute not just a dancefloor weapon, but also a listenable record from front to back (not that the cassette wasn’t!).