September 15, 2015

2MR-007 – N/O/T/A – None Of The Above EP

2MR-007 – N/O/T/A – None Of The Above EP

N/O/T/A – None Of The Above EP

None of the Above aka N/O/T/A is an escape from reality plan. Made in between London and Toronto, it joins Dinamo Azari (AZARI & III) and Mixhell’s Laima Leyton and Iggor Cavalera (SEPULTURA). Eager to collaborate and make music in a non compromised way, the trio brought together live and electronic drum beats, strong bass lines, unexpected samples and dark synths to an unknown place. It is none of the genres we are listening to nowadays but it still brings together a live feeling of techno, industrial and acid, yes, we love acid.


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