August 11, 2015

2MR-003 – Deardrums – EP1 EP

2MR-003 – Deardrums – EP1 EP

Deardrums – EP1 EP

“In Deardrums world, you get something incredibly unique and enthralling that gives meaning to the electronic genre. And surprising enough, the three songs do fill you up and make you walk away like you got something out of it.” – Selective Memory Magazine

Deardrums is the new project of two established Italian artists: Bottin and Leo di Angilla. Deardrums deploy an arsenal of analog drum machines (mostly played by hand!) in what feels like a neo-tribal soundscape, drawing from pre-Hispanic elements (think Mayan and Aztec, not Latin) and pseudo-African rhythms. Nearly all sounds, including bass and leads, are crafted with skillfully tuned drum synthesizers. Just after listening to the first couple of songs the project was immediately signed to Brooklyn’s 2MR, under the supervision of Italians Do It Better and Troubleman founder Mike Simonetti.