July 22, 2011

2MR-002 – Mike Simoneti – Capricorn Rising LP

2MR-002 – Mike Simoneti – Capricorn Rising LP

Mike Simonetti – Capricorn Rising

After heading taste-making underground labels like Italians Do It Better, Perseo, and Troubleman Unlimited, DJ / editor and elite vinyl connoisseur Mike Simonetti finally drops some original material on his debut LP. He’s certainly had releases under his name in the past, but those were all edits of other peoples tracks. On Capricorn Rising, Mike takes us on a journey through realms of his own cosmic disco and house, plus some ambient synthscapes too. Check the 8 minute opener “Third Of The Storms(1)” that sets it off coasting on the smooth cosmic disco tip with Australian pop singer Sam Sparro laying down vocals. Up next, “Song For Luca(2)” ups the tempo into instrumental new disco mode, while “Dust Devil(3)” breaks up the beats for a bit of moody ambience. The title track “Capricorn Rising(4)” is an epic piece of space travel music that has bits of italo mixed with rock guitar, all rocking to a relentless, pounding beat.


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