Pale Blue

Two club tracks from the Pale Blue LP reworked to further suit the dancefloor

Includes originals played by John Talabot, Axel Boman, Pachanga Boys, Seth Troxler, Tim Sweeney to name a few. Pressing limited to 300 copies, hand-stamped.

These are two alternate versions of two of the more popular tracks from Pale Blue’s LP, The Past We Leave Behind. The record was a slow burn, but eventually One Last Thing became the sleeper track. It has been on playlists from the likes of Seth Troxler, Pachanga Boys and John Talabot. It seems to have become one of the more popular closing tracks this year. With that in mind, Mike decided to turn it on its head and turn it in to an opening track…

Distance To The Waves was tweaked into an acid floor filler. Simonetti uses multiple 303’s chained to add melody at the most unexpected places. We also stuck the original versions on the vinyl as well for extra pleasure.

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