John Barera & Will Martin

New York residing DJ/Producers John Barera & Will Martin update their longstanding body of collaborative work with their first 2MR release since last year’s exceptional ‘Proceed To The Root’ sophomore album… And it might just be their best work to date.

Continuing the celestial theme of their last EP ‘History Of Space’; the EP is the result of a whole new writing technique and heller time spent jamming on Will’s Chroma Polaris synth. Comprising four tracks that simply ooze machine soul and loose-limbed groovemanship, ‘Life, The Heavens & The Earth’ is an ageless document that digs deep into the foundations while staring out into the cosmos.

The tone is set by ‘The Meaning’. Outer planetary electroid savoir faire; its crisp breaks are countered by the bulbous textured bassline throughout. It’s followed by the title track ‘Life, The Heavens & The Earth’; a spatial excursion built around a classic break and coloured with poignant arpeggiated cascades.

Deeper into the EP we glide to strike warehouse gold on the venomous acid of ‘In The Depths Of Madness’, a layered analog jam that writhes and slinks dynamically in the spirit of Pierre, before closing with a track the duo feel is their most accomplished composition to date: ‘Searching For Time’. Not just a title we can all relate to but a poignant emotional workout that touches your soul in the same way you first heard the instrumental of Information Society’s ‘Running’.

Beautiful emotive electronica from a duo who keep getting better with every release. The journey to the root continues….

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